How to Repair Scratched Hardwood Flooring Quickly and Effectively

First Confirm The Degree Of Scratches On The Wood Flooring

To develop the most appropriate restoration plan, it is necessary to determine how scratched the floor is. For each different situation, there will be an optimal solution.

For very large scratches, the best solution is to replace the floor at the scratch. Hardwood flooring is also easy to install and repair, so it shouldn’t take too long.

It should be noted that deeper and wider scratches will expose the wood core layer. The improper repair will cause water to easily penetrate below, affecting the texture of the floor. In this case, it is best to consult a professional repairman for a complete repair. Do not repair at will to make the floor condition worse!

In the case of minor and shallow scratches, you can try the following to repair scratched hardwood flooring:

1. Use A Special Stain Remover

There are specialized scratch removers on the market that you can easily find and buy. But pay attention to choosing a glue color similar to the color of the floor to ensure the beauty of the floor. Using this scratch remover is also as simple as applying glue to scratched flooring.

2. Repair Scratched Hardwood Flooring With Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are effective in removing scratches. The biggest advantage of using coffee grounds is that the ingredients are easy to find, simple to implement, and efficient.

Use damp coffee grounds, then apply to scratches and wait for them to dry. Next, wipe off any excess residue with a towel and fill the scratches with coffee grounds with nail polish. Finally, wait for the polish to dry and the scratches will disappear completely.

hardwood flooring repairing

3. Use Crayons

Crayons are easy to find, especially for families with young children. Or you can easily find it in stationery stores, and bookstores. It is important to choose a color that is similar to the color of the floor.

Use the crayon to rub the scratched area until the scratch is full of wax dust. Next, wipe off excess wax dust with a towel and brush a coat of nail polish on top. Wait for the nail polish to dry. In this way, the repair is completed, which is very fast and convenient.

4. Use Olive Oil

Using olive oil is also an effective way to repair scratched hardwood flooring. Dab some olive oil with a towel and rub over the scratch. The next step is to use a crayon of the same color as the floor to apply to the area just soaked in olive oil.

5. Use Almonds Or Walnuts

Almonds or walnuts can be used to seal scratches on hardwood flooring. The process is similar to using a crayon and lightly rubbing almonds or walnuts into the scratch. Tiny pieces will fill in scratches without sacrificing the aesthetics of the floor. Then just wipe with a clean cloth.