Fluid Bed Dryer vs Spray Dryer: Which Is Better?

fluid bed dryer vs spray dryer

Manufacturing involves the use of very distinctive machines and materials, all with a focus on delivering the best product value and experience. There are always challenges when it comes to offering the best results, and that’s why a product like the fluid bed dryer or the spray dryer can bring in some nice benefits. They … Read more

Guilds for Stevia Drying Purpose and Methods

Stevia Drying

Today, many countries already use stevia in their daily lives. Stevia is native to Amambay and Iguacu on the border of Brazil and Paraguay. Stevia contains diterpene glycosides, stevioside, rebaudioside and dulcoside. Stevia powder is 150-280 times sweeter than sucrose. Purpose of Drying Stevia is dried to prevent contamination by mold, bacteria, and enzymes. Chemical … Read more