How to repair corrupted PCI system File

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How to repair corrupted PCI system File

  • Requirements: Basic Knowledge on Windows, Registry Editing
  • Level: Advance Users
  • Operating System: WindowsXP, Windows 7

What is Vulnerabilities on Windows Operating System?

Windows Operating System can never be stable all the time, especially you are always keep on accessing the internet, downloading and installing something from the internet without having aware with the window’s security, compatibilities and vulnerabilities. That’s why you need be aware in every action you do cause this is very much important to track the cause of System Failure on your windows operating System.

Things to Remember

In this article I will be discussing about the Windows XP Corruption preventing the Windows to normally boot. Please be certain that windows store its startup parameters in a registry if something’s happen with the registry windows will not boot, in this case you can just restart the windows by continuing pressing the F8 Key to show up the Boot Menu Startup Options and simply select the “Last Known Good Configurations” and after that restart the PC, your PC will be restore back to its last Known Good configurations.

Is the “Last Known Good Configuration” Options work all the time?

Last Known Good Config

What to do in case this option won’t work.

What if the “Last Known good Configurations” setting does not work? Well you still have another option in Windows Boot menu, you can select the “Boot in Safemode”, This option disable all startup programs, including Drivers such as (Video Card, Audio, Lan) , Startup programs that are located in


and as well as the:


Registry Entries. If the caused of Failure are any of the option above all you have to do is to restore your system from its known restoration point, in the case that you did turn-off System restore these option can never be use as there are no available restore point for the “System Restore” to Initiate.

To Restore from Previous Restore Point:

  1. Restart the windows from Safemode by pressing F8 Continually during startup.
  2. Select Safemode from the Boot Menu.
  3. Point to Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore.
  4. After restoration is complete restart the PC.
  5. Your Computer will normally boot as if there’s nothing happen.

a “Missing or Corrupted PCI.sys” Error appeared

If the option above does not work due to Error “Windows could not start Missing or Corrupted PCI.sys” located in “c:\Windows\System32\Drivers” This PCI.sys File has been Corrupted for some reasons, you can restore windows by replacing the corrupted file with a good one. To restore this File, Follow the instruction below:

Instructions to restore corrupted file

  1. Copy PCI.sys File from other computer save it in a Flash Drive or Diskette.
  2. Insert Flash Drive into USB Port or Insert Diskette in to drive A.
  3. Use your WindowsXP Installation CD or any Windows XP Installer, Insert it to CD-ROM.
  4. Boot from CD-ROM.
  5. Select Repair by pressing “R” on your Keyboard.
  6. Select “1″ for C:\Windows\System32.
  7. Enter your Administrator password twice Lost Administrator password can never do the repair.
  8. The Given Action is shown below:

Overwrite an existing file

In the Picture above, Drive H: is my Flash Drive where I copied the PCI.sys from other computer. When asked for overwrite type “Y” to overwrite the existing corrupted file. Restart PC by typing Exit in the command Processor.

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