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How to Create EER Diagram with MySQL WorkBench

December 16, 2011 admin MySQL Resource

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Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram (EER)

  • Requirements: MySQL WorkBench 5.2 CE or later
  • Language: SQL/Database Management System
  • Level: Beginner
  • Prerequisite: SQL Knowledge


Entity Relationship Diagram or ER diagram is a data modeling method represented by symbols use to produce a relational database. A relational database is a database that conforms to relational model theory managed by so called Relational Database System (RDBMS). There are several software available that you can use to manage a database system. SQL Server Management Studio is a DBMS that manages Microsoft SQL Server, SQLYog is also a DBMS that can manage MySQL Server these are Commercialized DBMS for a cost, The most popular of them is the MySQL WorkBench, it is a visual database design tool similar to what I mentioned earlier but this is an Open Source created by MySQL-ORACLE, this is previously called MySQL GUI Tools Bundle. You can download MySQL WorkBench from MySQL Website or HERE.


The Purpose of MySQL Workbench is a tool for: Database Design, SQL Development and Database Administration. In this Tool you can create database, tables, stored procedures, functions, relationship or Manage indexes and of course Diagram. In this article I will be showing you on how to design an Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram that you can use to design your project in a system development cycle. You can watched the provided tutorial video below:

Tutorial on how to create EER Diagram With MySQL Workbench:

What is in this Tutorial Video?

I used MySQL Workbench 5.2.23 CE to create an Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram, you need to have a MySQL Database Engine installed and a Database available populated with tables and data. This tutorial assumed that you already have a database ready. If you haven’t done so you can check the Basic Database Creation 1 article to start designing your database. The Procedure will import tables from testdb schema by means of Reverse Engineering Process. To create a relationship between tables “Cardinality” just drag and drop the “Primary Key” from the parent table to child table to create a “Foreign Key“, this process will generate Indexes to be used in a database relationship. In this tutorial I have used four tables, persons, payroll, dtr and rate respectively.
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