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How to install and configure Oracle VM Virtual Box

July 15, 2014 admin Oracle

How to configure Oracle VM Virtual Box Requirements: Oracle VM Virtual Box Website: https://www.virtualbox.org Level: Advance Knowledge: Windows Installations, adminsitrations Scenario Most of the windows installed today are in windows 7 or higher, due to this most of the program that were smoothly running from previous versions of windows like WindowsXP, Windows ME and other [...]


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How to customize and add ribbon in Office 2010

August 17, 2013 admin Microsoft Office

How to Customize and add ribbon in Microsoft Office 2010 Requirements: Microsoft Excel 2010, Office Custom UI Editor, Knowledge in XML, Microsoft Visual Basic(VBA) Programming Level: Basic Language: Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Office Custom UI Editor Office2010IconsGallery Basic Knowledge on Extensible Markup Language(XML) Scenario I have been working on how to create my [...]


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Image Processing using AForge with COM Object

March 4, 2013 admin Classes

How to do Image Processing using AForge with COM+ Object Requirements: Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 Programming Level: Advance Language: Visual Basic.Net AForge.dll(v AForge.Imaging.dll( AForge.Math.dll( Project references AForge AForge.Imaging AForge.Imaging.Filters AForge.Math.Geometry System.Collections.Generic System.Drawing System.Drawing.Imaging System.Reflection Scenario Microsoft Visual Basic 6 as we all know is the ancestor of Visual Basic.Net the current versions of [...]


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