An Overview To Windows 2010

An Overview to Microsoft Windows 10 Requirements: Microsoft Windows 2010 Level: Basic Knowledge: Microsoft Windows, Windows features, Hololens What is Microsoft Windows 2010? Microsoft Windows 2010 is the new Windows version of Microsoft that will be coming today, July 29, 2015. its codename “X” it is the latest windows promoted by Microsoft it can handles [...]

IIS-PHP Installations and Configuration of PHP Virtual Machine

IIS-PHP Installations and Configurations Requirements: PHP 5.4.24, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x64) , PHP Manager for IIS 7, IIS Url rewrite 2.0 IIS Extension, Microsoft Drivers 3.2 for PHP v5.4 for SQL Server in IIS, MySQL WorkBench, Major Requirements:Oracle Virtual Machine or VMWare – Virtual Machine Web Server:Internet Information Server 7 Manager Server: [...]